A board of five volunteer directors and two officers members govern the affairs of Indwe Trust. Our work is support by a small group of advisors, sub-contractors and volunteers. The current directors are leading citizens of both South Africa and the United States of America representing business, academic and legal communities.


· Amanda Cuba is the founding Chief Executive Officer of Z Capital.

· Dirk Versfeld is a Forrester and Natural Resource Management Expert

· Michael Bell is a Rural Sociology Professor and Director of the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at the University of Wisconsin.

· Mpumelelo Ncwadi is the co-founder and Managing Director of Indwe Trust


Board members are chosen for their deep commitment to the Indwe Trust’s mission, diversity of experience and perspective, as well as access to financial and other important resources. The board is responsible for the mission, policies, financial stability and legal integrity of the organisation. It approves strategic direction, annual plans and budgets, an annual independent audit, overall compensation and personnel benefits, the appointment of officers, and hires and fires the Managing Director.