We are Indwe Trust NPC. We are an enterprising nonprofit company building the capacity of vulnerable remote rural communities in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa to become productive and resilient. We promote productive land use. We work alongside local people to create water secure and agriculture supported communities. We restore local catchment areas to reduce soil erosion, clear alien vegetation, improve soil health and increase the capacity of local grasslands to filter water and sequester carbon.


We are a organization with multiple functions. We build capacity. We promote food security. We increase household incomes. We enhance ecosystem services. We deepen education. We build social ties. We help local people overcome isolation. We are changing perceptions. We increase production through sustainable intensification.


We are a new holding-togetherness in an ecology of contexts — rural places and local cultures; climate and soils; smallholder farmers and markets; crops and livestock; moved by the intentions of local people and our funders; linked by a simple narrative; an agro-ecological approach to rural development.