Who We Are

Indwe Trust is an enterprising non-profit company that seeks to make a breakthrough contribution in the areas of sustainable agro-ecology; development of a rural cooperative economy; impact investment; agriculture supported communities and ecosystem conservation in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.


Unlike other nonprofit organizations, Indwe Trust is a new holding-together-ness in an ecology of contexts—place and culture, climate and soils, local farmers and markets, crops and livestock—moved by the intentions of—local people and funders—linked by narrative; an agro-ecological approach to development.


We are a nonprofit company with multiple functions: building capacity, growing food security, increasing incomes, enhancing ecosystem services, deepening education, building social ties, overcoming isolation, changing perceptions; as well as, increasing production through sustainable intensification.

Our Mission

Indwe Trust’s mission is to liberate the potential of resource-poor rural communities to create their own economic opportunities, reliable prosperity, environmental well being and resilience, one village at a time.



Indwe Trust was co-founded in 2012 by Mpumelelo Ncwadi and Heather Dittmar; both from the Eastern Cape. The son of parents who were farm labourers, Mpumelelo’s family faced similar challenges currently confronting most rural people in the Eastern Cape. After succeeding as a professional environmental engineer, he committed to use his acquired knowledge and expertise to help less fortunate rural people, just like he used to be. In 2009, a mutual colleague connected Mpumelelo with Heather Dittmar. In Heather, Mpumelelo found a potential business partner who became a driving force behind the establishment of Indwe Trust.


Board of Directors

Currently, five individuals serve on Indwe Trust’s Board of Directors. Members will serve for one or two three-year terms, or three terms in the case of officers. The board is comprised of leading citizens from South Africa and the United States, representing business, the academic and legal communities.


Amanda Jivhuho

Founding Chief Executive Officer of Z Capital.


Dirk Versfeld

Farmer, Forester and Independent Water Resources Management Consultant.


Heather Dittmar

Co-Founder and Director of Communications, Indwe Trust.


Michael Bell

Prof. of Rural Sociology and Director of the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS) at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


Mpumelelo Ncwadi

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Indwe Trust.


Board members are chosen for their deep commitment to the Indwe Trust’s mission, diversity of experience and perspective, as well as access to financial and other important resources. The board meet four times annually, generally in Cape Town but occasionally in other parts of the bioregion where Indwe Trust work is located. The board is responsible for the mission, policies, financial stability and legal integrity of the organisation. It approves strategic direction, annual plans and budgets, an annual independent audit, overall compensation and personnel benefits, the appointment of officers, and hires and fires the Managing Director.


An Executive Committee meets between board meetings, serves as the risk management, compensation and audit committees, and reports to the full board. An Audit/Risk Committee reviews the annual audit, the overall financial health of the organisation and recommend auditors to the full board. A Nominating Committee develops criteria for board members, and helps to recruit potential board members and recommend individuals to the full board for a vote.