We are often told that water is worth everything that our lives are worth. Amanzi sisisekelo sobomi nempilo, "Water is the source of life and livelihood. Humans, as well as animals, equally know this fact very well. To be without water is to be impoverished. Without water we have no lively and healthy bodies, no water to drink and food to eat; no means of washing ourr clothing; and no animals for meat.


if what we are told is true, then what about the rural people who have never, for once, enjoyed the health benefits of access to clean water. What of the women who spend endless hours searching for sources of water? What about the children who must sacrifice their learning time because they must collect water? What of the villagers who have no choice, but to travel long distances to find underground springs which they must share with animals. Are their lives worthy of access to water security?


WE, at Indwe Trust, belive so. That is why in we support universal access to clean water, by providing villagers with water tanks, gutter systems and piping for rainwater collection. in 2014, Indwe Trust, will provide 2500 L tanks to 1000 households of kuManzimdaka village, near the rural tonw of Elliot in the Eastern Cape.