African villages have evolve over centuries as places where rural people lived and farmed. Historically, villagers depended on the land for their livelihoods. Farming with both crops and livestock has always been a prized way of life. But, lately, that way of life has been compromised by the people abandoning the villages to trade their labour and skills in distant cities and towns; the loss of villagers' working capital,topsoil; land the loss of grazing pastures and local biodiversity. This has caused untold suffering, whereby capable rural men and women have no option, but to rely on social grants as their source of income. This status quo is unsustainable.


To change things around, Indwe Trust is working with the people of Manzimdaka Community on the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountain, between Elliot and Ugie in the north-east of the Eastern Cape, to create a model of a Living Village.