We created Indwe Trust NPC to lead the development and creation of rural development tools, technologies, products, services, approaches and processes, which currently do not exist in South Africa, to foster resilience: the capacity to influence and adapt to change

That is why, we are partnering with John Deere to help smallholder farmers in the Eastern Cape follow on the footsteps on their counterparts in Zambia and Tanzania in adopting specialised precision farming machinery and implements to promote climate smart conservation agriculture, increase the productivity, yields and revenues of their farming operations.


We are also partnering with DIVAC to design and construct the first mobile unit in South Africa for slaughtering cattle, sheep and goats. Once in full operation, the unit will go from  farm to farm and from village to village processing animals stress-free on the pastures where these animals graze everyday of their lives. It will save resource-poor farmers the exorbitant cost of transporting the animals to faraway abattoirs.


Working with Jeffares and Green engineers, Indwe Trust NPC will design and implement rural youth driven green infrastructure projects including cutting alien vegetation and converting it to natural fences for corrals; river restoration and construction of swales to increase effective rainfall and improve regional water security.


We are implementing all these innovative ideas using principles of iLima: an age old African tradition of strategic collaboration for mutual gain and shared prosperity.