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From Alan M. Webber’s book, Rules of Thumb.

01 Nov 2013 Written by Mpumelelo Ncwadi Comments 0

By: Mpumelelo Ncwadi & Heather Dittmar

2 November 2013


We, the co-founders of Indwe Trust, are delighted to introduce Vulithuba, our new blogspot. In isiXhosa, Vulithuba means, “Creating an Opportunity.” We chose the name precisely because our work is about creating opportunities for both all our partners and us.


Next year South Africa will be celebrating 20 years of democracy. As we approach the milestone date of 27 April 2014, it seems obvious—at least to us at Indwe Trust—that economic democracy continues to elude many of our rural compatriots, particularly women and young people. Our triumph against apartheid has thus far failed to produce the magic rising economic tide that is big enough to lift them out of poverty. Evidence of people being left behind, by our democracy, is everywhere we have been on the Eastern Cape countryside.


A 63 year old grandmother from collecting firewood for cooking


Despite the challenges they face, including lack of basic services, unemployment, deteriorating ecological conditions and abject poverty, many rural people have options to secure their own reliable prosperity and resilience. Realising that local communities may not be aware of the opportunities all around them, Indwe Trust has committed to work alongside local people to improve their environment, their livestock and their lives.


As we gently move along, we plan to share our trials and tribulations; our failures and successes; and more importantly the stories of the people we support and the places where they live. Vulithuba will be just as one way in which we plan to share these stories with you. One last thing; we hope that you will use this blog to share your feedback and ideas with us. We know that when you connect with us to share your ideas, reactions and insights our vulnerability will be reduced and our community of change agents will grow. We look forward to a mutually enlightening relationship as we interact in cyberspace.


Change starts with you acting differently. We invite you to be a change agent.