"You can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference." Nelson Mandela.
 In these faraway villages of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.
 Where rural people put down their roots; many generations ago.
 Where climate change is threatening local peoples' a way of life: crop and livestock farming.
 Indwe Trust is helping local communities implement climate smart agriculture.
 Restore local grasslands and improve livestock.
 Develop food gardens for food security.
 Clear black wattle and other alien vegetation.
 And, that is just part of our story. With your assistance, we can do much more.
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We are a small driven and self-motivated group of individuals with different social and professional backgrounds.in engineering, agroecology, catchment restoration, local economic development, holistic land livestock management, local biodiversity improvement and climate vulnerability assessments. Together, we are Indwe Trust NPC, a climate smart agriculture and green infrastructure developer, and a social impact investor incorporated as a non-for-profit company in South Africa. Acting as a collective, we combine our common passion for social innovation with our expertise, skills and vast networks to develop and implement life-enhancing agriculture and engineering projects.


Indwe Trust NPC was co-founded and is chaired by Mpumelelo Ncwadi, a former Nelson Mandela Scholar at the University of Cambridge. Based in Cape Town, we are an enterprising nonprofit company raising charitable donations and invest the funds as patient capital to catalyze breakthrough contributions in green infrastructure and agriculture supported rural development.


Our objective is to reduce rural poverty directly and indirectly by raising agricultural productivity and incomes and creating employment opportunities for local communities through catchment and river restoration, green infrastructure development, holistic land and livestock management and clearing of alien vegetation.

Why We Do What We Do?

We are passionate about alleviating human suffering through meaningful rural development. Like our fallen hero, the late former President Nelson Mandel, we believe, "there must be work, bread, water and salt for all." We realize that we are at an urgent moment in time. The lack of opportunities across rural South Africa is forcing people, especially young people, to migrate into cities in pursuit of non-existent greener pastures. The loss of vital arable land and livestock grazing pastures is robbing our rural people of their only sources of sustainable livelihoods. Climate change poses a growing threat of water and food insecurity that cannot be left to government and our shrinking number of commercial farmers alone to addressed.


So, we do what we do because we are impatient with business as usual, politics as usual and paradigms as usual. We are eager to develop and showcase new possibilities, new opportunities and new strategies for rural transformation, reliable prosperity and resilience. We exist to challenge the inertia of outmoded ideas and institutions; the opposition of vested interests; the failure of imagination and the failure of political will. Hence, we are the UNCOMMONERS.